Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday July 29, 2010

In Class:

-Shared town hall point of view with other students (edited and corrected)
-Organized binders (Wong's - part of class)

Mr. Wong's Binder (What should be in it)

Tab 1: Syllabus, Unit Overview of Term 1

Tab 2: Subsistence Economy & Class System Quiz, Kapu Quiz, Political, Social and Economic Worksheet, Kam I Effects after Unification Quiz, Sandalwood Traders Quiz, Whaling Industry and Missionary Quiz, 8 Major Effects Quiz

Tab 3: Make A Difference Summative and Reflection, Foreign Reasons for Coming Summative, Foreign Effects Summative

Tab 4: The House Reading, Note-taking Options, Powe Statements, Hawaii's Economic System Before Western Contact: Subsistence, Class System, Kapu System, Early Hawaiian Social System Tree Map, Old Man and Starfish, Achieve Article on Kamehameha I, Flow Map for Kamehameha Video, Kam I Effects After Unification, Kam I Effects Muli-flow Map, Kam I Review, The Sandalwood Trade, The Whaling Industry, Missionaries Come to Hawaii, Foreigners Coming to Hawaii Multi-flow Map, Overthrow of Kapu System, 8 Major Changes, Foreigners Coming to Hawaii and their Impact Review


-Prepare for Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow


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