Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday March 2, 2011

In Class:

*Checked for parent signature, problem tree map completion and 1 resource about solution
*Gave students time in class to work on reading about solution from resource and filling information chart in class

Problems: Students not coming to class with a solution that Hawaii is currently using today or not coming at all with a resource even though 1 website for each of the problems were given


1. Come to class with 2nd resource or more about solution 1 (again, this should be information about a solution that Hawaii is currently doing now). Students found they needed more info. regarding costs, how their solution would affect the environment and how well their solution works.

2. Due this Friday, problem paragraph. If you are doing a regular research report, put problem in paragraph form. If you are doing a Powerpoint presentation, your 1st slide is due Friday as well.


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