Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesday September 6, 2011

In Class:

*Reviewed effects of foreigners and figured out which ones were social, political and economic effects.
*Went over formative handout with students. Students need to complete all 3 sections (social, economic and political). I will check one tomorrow that they will draw their pop up design for and 2 on Thursday)
*Students informed to check Edline if they have a missing Teenbiz Article for the History of Hula reading. I will change grade if they turn in a printout of their score with their name on it. Those that did not do article yet can also turn in report by TOMORROW. Students got an extended day to hand in report of score.
*Example of pop up page shown to students. Will be on blog tomorrow. Project due by this Friday (at the end of the class period). No extensions since Thursday and Friday will be a workday.


1. Formative handout of effects. Before and After Summative (see 3rd page for handout)


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