Monday, July 5, 2010

July 6, 2010 Tuesday

In class today:
1. Collected the Lex Brodie "Thank you very much" essays.

2. Collected P,S, & E HW

3. Reviewed the Social, Political, Economic Tree Map of Early Hawaii.

4 . Watched first part of video - Ancient Art of Hawaiian Lua (covers the rise and accomplishments of Kamehameha the Great and the Hawaiian Martial Arts - Lua.

- Students are to take notes - Kamehameha I Flow chart - of events in Kamehameha's life.

5. Students given their TeenBiz Account logins, and received in their inbox the assigned reading of Kamehameha I.
1. Login into your teen biz account, open email reading, take the short answer (multiple choice).

Print out results, bring to class by Thursday, July 8th. This should give students time to try logging in, report any problems, if any, and to take the multiple choice.

***Mr. Wong's classes are to return their grade reports tomorrow!!!!


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