Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday August 19, 2010

Welcome back to Term 2!  Kupono 7 is extending its fundraising of entertainment books and Panda Express coupons so please ask your child for the letter and flyer that was sent home.

In Class: 

*Students given manila folder to put their HSI (Historical Scenes Investigation) project in.  
Also included is the Term 2 Mahele Unit Overview for the first three weeks of the term, Oni vs. Meek court reading and The Mahele Reading #1.
*Students were introduced to Problem Solving Project of Oni vs. Meek.  During the next couple of weeks, students will need to look through the various exhibits to cracking the case.
*Read The Mahele Reading #2 in class: 2 purposes: 1. Why was land important to foreigners and 2. What did Hawaiians think about land?


1. Decorate manila folder and put first and last name on it
2. Read Oni vs. Meek court case (We will be role playing in class on Monday)
3. Read The Mahele Reading #1 and take notes (remember what the 2 purposes are)
4. Quiz on the Mahele Reading #1


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