Friday, September 17, 2010

September 16, 2010 Friday

In class today:

1. Finished Station #5 and started #6 (Mr. Oyama's)/ Mr. Wong's finished #5 & #6.

2. Checked Ballad summative, gave students feedback on how to improve.

3. Students should have their 1st 4 stations returned to them, they can use these to help them complete summative ballad.


1. Station #5 for Oyama, Stations #5 & #6 for Wong.

2. Research chart for Part II (see yesterday's blog to download). Begin/continue research on topic.

3. Complete Plantation Ballad (Wong only)

Presentations will be on Thursday and Friday of next week.

Final Ballad will be due Thursday.

School Summative on Wednesday.  Start thinking about the inequities, assimilation and cultural diffusion that went on in the plantations.  Look at learning centers (worksheets) and go to learning stations to fix inaccuracies on your worksheets.

FYI: 6 more days of school left for term 2.


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