Monday, September 13, 2010

Septermber 13, 2010

Today in class:

1. Students started their first learning station for our Plantation Unit. For the next several days, they will be moving to different learning stations about plantation life in Hawaii. Homework for each day will be the completion of at least 1 station.

2. Students also received the description of Part 2 of the Plantation summative. This is a research project on a particular aspect of one of the following immigrants groups: Puerto Rico, Japan, China, Korea, Okinawa, Phillipines, Portugal.


1. Finish Station 1 worksheet. Plantation Center Scorecard will be given to students when the 1st station worksheet is returned.  Learning Station Worksheets: Jobs and Wages, Plantation Pidgin, What they brought, Traditions, Plantation Video, and Ethnic Foods

2. Start initial research for Part 2.



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