Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday January 10, 2011

In Class:

*Returned imaginary islands (revise if you have a 'U') - red ink
*Went over things that were wrong with the assignment (basically details to tree map and explanation of why cities are where they are located)


1. Study for formative tonight. (a. know difference between physical and human characteristics and b. review handout about why population distribution is uneven) - 2nd handout will discuss reasons why populations were settled in a certain area in the past such as having resources for survival such as water (lake or river) or food resources (type of soil)
2. Revise imaginary island or reflection if you received a 'U." (Reflections given back from Mr. Oyama's today)
3. Bring red pen tomorrow (Mr. Wong's only)

Registration Forms due already!


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