Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday July 15, 2011

In Class:

1. Reviewed Economic, Political and Social notes in class. Specifically the subsistence economy, class systems and education and religion.
2. Read "Kapu System" to students in class. The purpose was to find out WHAT IS THE KAPU SYSTEM?
3. Students highlighted additional information and we added onto our tree map under POLITICAL.
4. Went over the 1st benchmark with students (Describe the effects of unification).
5. Read the Old Man and the Starfish story to students and asked them if 1 person can really make a difference? Discussion followed
6. Introduced the Lex Brodie "Thank You" Letter. Explained directions: 1. Write a letter thanking someone special in their lives. 2. No more than 300 words.


1. Lex Brodie Thank You Letter due Monday (300 words maximum)


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