Monday, July 5, 2010

July 9, 2010 Friday

Week #2 has finished!!!
In class today:
1. Took quiz on Kamehameha effects.
2. Reviewed the Multi-flow map (cause and effect) of Kamehameha I.
3. Passed out Tree Map - Graphic organizer - Pre-writing for rought draft.
3. Passed out and discussed take home summative assessment - Making a Diffence in History: Past and Present, Kamehameha Plaque Part I , Kamehameha Tree Map and Make a Difference Part II.

1. Due on Monday: Rough Draft of Kamehameha Plaque writing. Follow these steps: directions
2. Bring AR book to class.
3. See blog for examples of power number statement and transitions for Kamehameha draft.

***Final Draft due Tuesday 7/13/2010


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