Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday September 20, 2010

Schedule for this week: Tuesday: Review for School Summative; Wednesday: School Summative; Thursday and Friday: Cultural Demonstrations

In Class:

*Mr. Oyama's class finished learning center #6 today (Study hall or finishing up learning centers for Mr. Wong)
*Mr. Wong's and Mr. Oyama's class turned in learning centers #5 & 6
*Checked ballads and gave feedback.  (Students should be using specific information from the learning centers instead of general info. to get a better grade.  Plantation workers got paid differently is general compared to Filipino cane cutters received $.69 pay compared to Japanese who got $.99.)


1. Work on ballads (Due Thursday)
2. Work on cultural project research
3. Cultural Demonstrations on Thursday and Friday (Wong's A-L will go Thursday and M-Z on Friday-last names) (Mr. Oyama's notified students in his class as well.)


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