Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19, 2010 Tuesday

FYI: Camp balances sent out today in core 1 classes, due next Monday....Please note that Camp Erdman dates are December 15th (Wednesday) to December 17th (Friday). Disregard previous camp dates sent out initially....

In class today:
1. Students met in groups and shared their class constitutions and together agreed upon their groups class constitution.
2. Passed out reading: Constitutions of 1840, 1852 and 1864, read 1840 and 1852 parts in class. 1864 constitution is for homework - fill in column for 1864 on chart - see below:

Read 1864 Constitution and fill in Comparison Chart Hawaii's Constitutions - fyi: there may be blocks where you might not be able to find 2 examples.


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