Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011 Wednesday

In class today:

1. Passed out take home summative project - Island Brochure
Students were randomly assigned a Pacific Island.

2. Students had time in class to start their research using the Guided Notes Handout

3. Format for the Island Brochure using either columns or tables and how to insert pictures into the brochure is here Brochure Template. This template will be shared tomorrow with all students. If students have Microsoft Publisher, they may use with a tri-fold format.


1. Students should continue research via the internet - information to fill in their Guided Notes and start downloading pictures that they will use later in their brochure. They should copy these pictures and put them onto a word document.

2. Create your 2 maps on 1/3 size sheet of paper (this will be put into your brochure later).


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