Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday March 10, 2011

In Class:


*Worked on bibliography (refer to
*Collected solution 1 final draft


*Collected final draft of problem paragraph
*Referred students to
*AR reading why solutions 1 & 2 were looked at (students still missing information: how does solution work, how does solution look, cost of solution, how effective is the solution, how does solution affect the environment)


Oyama: Solution #2 final draft due tomorrow and bibliography due

Wong: Solution 1 & 2 final draft due tomorrow and bibliography due (typed out)

How effective is solution? We should see numbers in this section.

How many barrels of oil is saved? How much electricity produced and how many homes can it cover? How much trash is diverted from landfills? How much water is saved or produced? How fast is food produced and how much grown?


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