Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tuesday July 19, 2011

In Class:

*Explained problem with Teenbiz. Students given extended time until tonight. User names and passwords given to students today in class.
*Passed out reading: Kamehameha I Effects After Unification. Purpose of reading is to find out the major effects or changes that Kamehameha did after he unified the islands.
*Explained optional readings will be on the blog tonight for those that want more details and information.


1. Read Kamehameha I Effects After Unification. Study for quiz on Wednesday. Test will be on how well the students know what effects Kamehameha had on the islands. (Additional Readings on blog about Kamehameha effects - optional)
2. Complete Teenbiz article by tonight if you did not yet.

Open House on Wednesday
Picture Taking on Thursday

Additional Readings on Effects (Optional): Reading #1 and Reading #2


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