Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010 Wednesday

*Summative tomorrow over what caused the Mahele, what was the Mahele, and what were the Social, Political and Economic effects of the Mahele.
In class today:

1. Returned Multi-Flow Maps of Effects of Mahele - Students are to revise and include information that was missing. Oyama
Students also should be revising or have revised their Flow Map of the Mahele (HW that was due this past Monday). Oyama

1. Reviewed math Add & Subtract Fractions. Wong
2. Reviewed for summative. Wong

1. Study for summative - What was the Mahele? What were the causes of the Mahele? and What were some of the social, political, and economic effects on the maka'ainana as a result of the Mahele. Mahele Review and Answers to Review

2. "Adverse Possession Law" kicks in for Mr. Oyama's classes tomorrow for seat/desk claims.


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