Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday November 8, 2010

Last day for testing for Kaizen. Holomua starts tomorrow for 1st round of HSA testing.

In Class:

Mr. Wong's Cores 3 & 4

*Collected flow maps of mandatory people and dates
*Went over 2nd side of Problem/Solution project and the letter to the editor organizer
*KaizenProgress Reports Went OUt Today! I've noticed quite a bit of students on break already. The homework needs to improve: Quality and Turn In.

Mr. Oyama's (All Classses

*Went over memo for "Breaking the Case" - see HSI document in previous posts
*Gave time to work on memo in class


Mr. Wong's (Cores 3 & 4)

1. 2nd side of problem/solution handout
2. Letter to the editor organizer
3. Type out letter 150-200 words (See last Friday's homework for Core's 1 & 2)

Note: Cores 1 & 2 homework will be due tomorrow

Mr. Oyama's (All classes)

1. Bring in rough draft of memo (Was the overthrow legal or illegal)


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