Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010 Wednesday

In class today...
1. Finished 6 people readings for the overthrow.
2. Rough drafts were checked for the tree maps of people of overthrow.
Helpful hints to make the tree map:
1. insert text boxes for 3 people per page (all 6 on one page is too crowded).
2. copy and paste pictures of the people and resize to fit.
3. don't put in the lines until you are finished with page (if you move any of the text you'll then have to move every line individually).
4. copy your first page and paste it on the next page - then just delete info for first 3 people and add in next 3 people. This will save you the time of setting up all the text boxes.
5. Some students found a family tree template on their version of Word, use it if it works for you.
6. Make sure you have a. Annexationist or Royalist b. details of their involvement in the overthrow.

Readings of people are posted on home page of the blog - look for HSI Overthrow readings.

HW: Finish tree map of 6 people of the overthrow. Due tomorrow - thursday.


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