Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday January 13, 2011


In Class:
*Students worked on research guide
*Checked for completion of island map (2x) and resources
*Explained to class that directions for brochure and template expectation on blog tonight (posted in class as well)


Mr. Oyama's class
1. Complete 2 maps by tonight (human and physical)
2. Look at blog tonight for template of how brochure should look like and directions for making brochure if you are unsure

Mr. Wong's class:

1. Complete 2 maps by tonight (human and physical)
2. Front page of resource guide due tomorrow
3. 2 resources due by tomorrow (internet)

(Note: Mr. Wong was extremely disappointed in the lack of effort from students today about not bringing their resources to class today. Again, time is given to you in class to research, so please meet Mr. Wong halfway since some resources are provided in class as well. You should be self-directed and listen carefully to the expectations set forth in class.)


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