Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday March 18, 2011

In Class:


*Prepped for display boards. Looked at information needed, pictures needed and started thinking about visual aid.


*Students started to analyze the best solution between themselves and started to think about visual aid for their display board.
*Gave feedback on their information going on the display board. The fonts, style, and formatting should be the same. If students are comparing the costs, it should only be about the cost comparison and nothing else.



1. Bring in all text for display boards and pictures.


1. Final paper due on Monday: cover page, problem paragraph, criteria that was used, solution 1 & 2 paragraphs, best solution paragraph and bibliography. (I will also be collecting all resources used)
2. Display boards should be brought in by Monday.
3. Come to class with visual aid materials.
(Note: Please follow yellow template when revising solution paragraphs which we did in class last week. Also, make sure you find answers to the aesthetics, environmental impact, costs of solution and how effective your solution is.)

Again, how effective is basically how much trash is diverted b/c of your solution or how much energy is produced b/c of your solution, etc.


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