Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday November 16, 2010

In Class:

*Passed back letter to the editor project (Students need to revise-main problem is no supporting evidence of problem.)
*Went over Protest/Support Summative Project (due this Friday) - Sorry, it will be up in the blog tomorrow.
*Went over Multi-flow map (positive and negative changes)
Need to look at timeline of Terms 1-3
Choose 2 changes that occurred in Hawaiian history (positive and negative change)
For each of the change, write down the effects it had
Go thru each effect and label if effect was positive or negative
*Reviewed timeline (only got thru Kamehameha I - III (Students will need to review timeline answers for Kam V to Lili'uokalani


1. Multi-flow map due tomorrow (Positive) (Negative)
2. Revise Letter to the Editor by Friday
3. Check blog for answers to timeline of Terms 1-3


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