Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday November 9, 2010

In Class:

Oyama's Cores

*Peer edited Memo: Was the overthrow legal or illegal?

Wong's Cores

*Went over homework for tonight and announcements
*Class time to work on memo (some students decided to fix their flow maps). See HSI: Overthrow
Students should have 2-3 main ideas with supporting details. Use readings from term to help you as well as transcripts of video students seen in class.



1. Final draft of memo due tomorrow


1. Overthrow memo due tomorrow: Was the Overthrow legal or illegal? (2-3 main reasons with details)
Typed out. Follow format in HSI document
2. Study for school summative for Friday (Events and people of the Overthrow) - Review tomorrow
3. Students who have '0's' for work not turned in due by this Friday.
4. Flow map revisions due by Friday if you have less than 3 points.


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